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If you like Frank Lloyd Wright, then Buffalo is the place to be. There are numerous Wright venues in town. (All of whom probably have HUGE budgets for their websites)

The Darwin Martin House, Graycliff, Blue Skies, and of course, the greatest of all Frank Lloyd Wright sites in the known universe, our very own Boathouse. You've got to come to Buffalo to see us, so while you're here take a look at our City Hall, also, recently voted the second most beautiful City Hall in America (Austin, Texas, if you HAD to ask. Personally, I think the vote may have been rigged)

There are two groups in town that provide tours to the Wright Fontana Boathouse. The folks at the Darwin Martin house (The Frankest of all the local Franks, not that there's anything wrong with the other Franks). And Explore Buffalo, a group that tours many of Buffalo's significant places, such as the Richardson Complex, another impressive architectural masterpiece in town, and Canalside, THE place to be in the summertime in The Nickel City. There are plenty more, such as Silo City (Buffalo has more grain elevators than any other place in the world.)

Below are links to both sites. We like to think that a rising shell lifts all rowers. Think about it.


Link to Explore Buffalo Tours

Darwin Martin House All Wright All Day tours