The breakwater separates the Niagara River from the Black Rock canal, the body of water closest to the Boathouse. It's possible to walk right past the Boathouse and catch the stunning views on both sides of the walkway.

This is the space between the Wright Fontana Boathouse and the West Side Rowing Club. The breakwater and the Canadian shoreline figure prominently.


The Boathouse is lighted at night and stands stoically until the rowers return in the morning to unberth their shells and resume their aquatic endeavors. Keep in mind, the facilities are available for rent on non-race days.

A dizzying drone perspective of the Fontana Boathouse, the West Side Rowing Club and the Buffalo skyline in the distance

There is ample wildlife at the Fontana. Birds are attracted to the building for the shelter it provides and raucously proclaim their territorial rights after the rowers depart

The South facade of the Boathouse, facing towards Lake Erie, shows the angled, powerful lines inherent in the buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright.